Containing some of my selected work relevent to my interests

Fun Light

Fictional Work – Designer, Art Director.

Betan & Pär

UI/UX designer, Graphic designer, Art Director

ROOM 1015

Graphic Designer, Art Director


Fictional Work – UI/UX Designer

Man Ray

Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer


Art director, Graphic designer, UI/UX Designer

Unga rörelsehindrade

Fictional Work – UI/UX Designer

Schiphol Safety & Security

Real Work – UI/UX Designer


My name is Johan Branzell, I’m a 23 years old graphic design student at Berghs School of Communication.



Berghs - Graphic Design

I'm studying graphic design at Berghs at the moment. To quote the school itself: "Berghs offer strategic and creative educational programs within marketing communications at several levels and formats.


Hyper Island

I graduated from Hyper Island with the course Mobile Applications development year 2012. I had the best time of my life here and learned insanely much. I grew a ton as a designer, but also in personallity and mind. I really hope that someday, there will be days that shine as bright as they did.



Part of my course I had/have an internship. This one I got at M2Mobi, which is a great company in Amsterdam. Here I’ve also grew both in design and as a person. It’s really interesting to experience real life work inside an agency, and also get a clearer view of how a company works from the inside.

I got to work with real projects and clients, some are shown in my portfolio section.


Hawaii Pacific University

The year 2010/11 I were in Hawaii, studying at Hawaii pacific university. Is it really necessary to say that the time there was awesome?

To be completely honest the most valuable thing I got here was myself, a clear view of who I’m and what I should do.

I was 19 by the time, moving to the other side of earth with basically no idea about anything. I had no place to live or anything.

Anyway, my thoughts here was to study buisness, which I did, took some side courses in advertising and got hooked,which then brought me to hyper and the rest is history.